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Arieh Smith
Teaches English, 3+
Elisa Azoum
Teaches French
Olly Richards
Teaches English, 3+
Virginia Langhammer
Teaches Portuguese (Brazil)
Benny Lewis
Teaches English
Davide Gemello
Teaches Italian
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 Languages And Counting!

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The Ultimate Way to Practice your Speaking Skills
Chat conversation with foreign Chinese teacher on Teacher AI

Personalized Conversations

Most platforms offer generic exercises, we don’t! Talk about whatever topics you find interesting and learn the things you really need.

Teacher AI corrects your mistakes and explains grammar if you want. It gets to know you and remembers how you like to learn.

Bilingual Teacher 
with Realistic Voices

Do you have a question? Just ask your teacher in English and it will happily respond in English. Our AI teachers speak both English and the language you want to learn.

You can also code-switch. That means that you can start the sentence in your target language and just finish it in English. Your teacher will show you how to form the sentence correctly!  
Chat conversation with foreign Spanish teacher on Teacher AI
Chat conversation with foreign Chinese teacher on Teacher AI with word counts and listening

Track your Progress

We count the number of words that you can understand, and the number of different words you’ve used during your conversations.

Watch your score go up as you practice and get that extra bit of motivation to push yourself to the next level!

Why Teacher AI is a Game Changer 

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Available 24/7
No anxiety
No need to prepare or look good
Save new words automatically
Tracks progress
Price per 30 min session
Real human connection*
Teacher AI
Less than $1 USD
Traditional tutoring platforms
$7 to $25+ USD
*Of course we recommend you practice your language skills with real people too ;-)

Built by the World’s Most 
Experienced Language Learners...

“People ask me all the time what the absolute best way to learn a language is, and I am frustrated when I have to tell them to spend a lot of time with an expensive language tutor with limited availability. Teacher AI will change everything.” 

- Our co-founder Arieh Smith, aka Xiaoma. With over 10 million followers on social media, he is one of the best-known polyglots in the world.

Also among our co-founders are Olly Richards, founder of one of the Internet’s biggest language learning blogs, hyperpolyglot and tech genius Lucas Bighetti, and language entrepreneur Jan van der Aa, creator of language courses for over ten thousand students.

Between them they speak or have studied almost 50 languages!
Xiaoma or Aireh sharing that Teacher AI is the best way to learn mutliple foreign language
Not for Beginners,

Great for Intermediate Learners!
Teacher AI does:
- NOT currently come with structured lessons and is
- NOT suitable for most beginners.
Instead, you just talk about your favorite topics in English and your target language, and our Teachers will try to keep the conversations interesting.
And in the meantime, you’ll see your vocabulary count go steadily up!
If you feel like you’ve been studying a language for a while but a lack of speaking practice is holding you back, then Teacher AI is perfect for you!
You've learned a language, 
Now it's time to speak!
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